Why ?

Why build a website using the blogger service?

It is hard to believe that at the beginning of the third millennium many people  still wondered whether a website was really needed for a business.

Nowadays, it is common wisdom that web presence is crucial.

But the question of what is the easiest and best cost/benefit path to build a website is still under debate.

There are many interests on the line, and when dynamic complicated websites are needed I belong to those who agree that unless one controls website building, one has to use the services of professionals.

But as far as simple, static webpages go, I am an avid supporter of building websites based on blogging platforms (or as they are called - CMS - content management systems).

I believe that among them, Google Blogger is currently the best solution.

Why use blogging platforms and not other tools?
While other tools have their merits, most people just don't have the time necessary to reach proficiency using them.

Blogging platforms enable are usually simpler than other automated web building services out there, and provide a  fast and easy solution for the creation of a website.

On the other hand, blogging platforms are rich enough to enable all that is needed for simple websites.

It is true that it would take a little time to master the skills necessary for the setup of a simple website. But once set, it is extremely simple to maintain such a website.

Why use Google Blogger as your website building tool?

  • Google Blogger is a very efficient tool. 
  • It is quite easy to learn and it is very easy to operate once a blog is set up.
  • Google blogger free templates bring a wealth of options (using the template designer) and together with the layout interface  the user/creator has a more than reasonable flexibility in the website's layout and design. 
  • Google Blogger provides a relatively reasonable selection of gadgets which can be easily added to the website. Third party gadgets can be used as well.
  • Google Blogger offers great simplicity in adding new content to the website, via the blog posts mechanism 
  • Google Blogger enjoys high levels of stability and availability, the result of having your blog running on Google's servers. 
  • Google Blogger provides easy integration with other very useful web services: Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools (Search Console) and Google adsense/adwords. 
  • Google Blogger offers a relatively easy solution for your website's address (domain/URL) maintenance. Out of the box, a google blog comes with a blogspot.com (or blogspot.co.local) domain. If you wish for a different domain, google suggests a relatively inexpensive service, which enables setting your blog with a universal (non-blogspot) domain for your blogger-based website quickly and easily. 
On top of all of these advantages, comes another, which even professionals will find hard to compete with - 
  • As long as Google will provide the blogger service free of charge - building a website using google blogger will be one of the best cost/benefit alternatives out there, if not the very best.
In summary - Google Blogger provides people without a strong and relevant  Information Technologies background the ability  to create a good looking static website that will have all the advantages suggested by professional website builders.